3000RPM Computer Sytems

Our range of desktop computer systems are hand built from scratch by our experienced technicians. Parts are selected straight from the shelf and built to order to ensure the best price available at all times.

These systems are our what all our years in the business comes down to. Specifications tailored through experience for specific tasks and hand built to order, these systems create blistering performance at very competitive prices.

Business Core Duo PC System
3000rpm Price: 260.00
Business Mini Duo PC System
3000rpm Price: 235.00
Business Mini i3 PC System
3000rpm Price: 360.00
Business Essential i3 System
3000rpm Price: 310.00
Business Plus i5 System
3000rpm Price: 380.00
Business Excel i7 System
3000rpm Price: 515.00
Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device 2016 (3 User / 1 Year)
3000rpm Price: 29.98

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