Networking Products

With the price of internet being slashed while speeds constantly increase there has never been a better time to get hooked up!

Networking products come in a range of different types with different applications.

Wired Networking - Wired networking includes routers, switches and micro filters to access the internet or simply allow computers to communicate with each other in a network using hard wiring.

Wireless Networking - This type of networking uses a wireless router to broadcast a wireless signal allowing a receiver plugged into the computer to pick it up. This allows computers to share files and peripherals such as printers or simply to connect to the internet without the use of any cables.

Attached Storage - Simply connect a NAS (Network Attached Storage) external hard drive to your network through the use of a router or other means and any computer on that network can access or transfer files. This cuts out the inconvenience of constantly moving an external hard drive between computers.

Of course all of these need at least one cable, even the wireless so luckily we stock a huge range of affordable network cables to help you get set-up.

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