Power Supply ATX (PSU)

The power supply unit (PSU) in a PC regulates and delivers the power to the components in the case. The more components (hard drives, CD/DVD drives, graphics card, cooling fans, etc) you have in your PC the greater the power required from the power supply.
Power supplies are measured in voltage with a higher voltage creating more power for your components to run.

While some power supplies measure in peak voltage, most branded power supplies measure in means voltage so have a more even flow creating better performance. A power supply with a higher power output than needed will not damage the system as each component will only take what is require.

Efficiency is also another consideration as higher efficiency power supplies can save lots of money in electricity, making them a better choice in the long term. Modular power supplies are also available which allow for unused cables to be detached from the source so that they do not interrupt the air flow of the case and make it look tidier.

Power supplies are very much overlooked as they are tucked away in the system but without the right amount of power to your components, they will not work at full capacity.

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