Wireless Networking

With the price of internet being slashed while speeds constantly increase there has never been a better time to get hooked up!

Wireless networking use a wireless signal to connect devices to a network without the use of cabling. This is typically achieved by using a wireless transmitter and a receiver.

Wireless routers are the most common transmitter. Routers allow for internet to be broadcast and shared between a number of computers simultaneously as well as allowing a network to be set up between computers.

Wireless access points are great devices for splitting a wireless transmitter over two areas or simply turning a wired router into a wireless one.

Receivers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the device they are plugging into. PCI adapters plug into the motherboard via the back of a desktop computer while a PCMCIA card plugs into the side of a laptop giving a wifi signal.

USB dongles plug directly into any USB port giving quick and easy access to a network or the internet. These are more flexible as they can be used in almost any laptop or computer with USBs.

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