CD & DVD Media Storage Cases

With the huge growth in disc based media, storage becomes a problem. Most discs are prone to scratching and fingerprints which can lead to read errors when trying to use.

Storage cases are a great solution for protecting the surface of the disc from possible damage, resulting in your media being safer for longer.

These storage solutions come in 5 categories.

CD Jewel Cases - These cases are the same size as retail CD album cases and have a clear plastic back and front with black disc holders. Covers can be inserted into the front back and spine of the cases also.

DVD Cases - These cases come in a variety of sizes, colours and capacities and are similar to the ones you would find DVD movies stored inside on the high street.

CD/DVD Carry Cases - Carry cases are a great way to store a library of data safely, ideal for those on the move. Available in capacities ranging from 24 to 532 discs, carry cases offer a solution to any storage problem.

DJ Flight Cases - Made from strong aluminum to protect your disks, similar to carry cases and range in capacity from 200 to 1000. The name comes from the storage type music DJ's have used to carry their records (LP's) but these are for CD or DVD media.

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