Audio Components & Accessories

Audio devices refer to devices and peripherals which allow for sound to be broadcast. We stock a range of different parts to ensure the best sound experience possible.

Speakers are essential for music lover and youtube surfers alike! With more and more monitors opting out of built-in speakers they have become a more important purchase than ever. Speakers are available in stand alone speakers (2.0), speakers with a subwoofer for that extra bass (2.1) as well as the ultimate surround sound movie speakers (5.1) with 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

Headsets deliver high quality sound direct to your ears. All headsets plug directly into 3.5" jack or USB making them easy to hook up and are a great way to listen to music without disturbing the neighbours! Some headsets also come with built in microphones allowing you to communicate with others through Skype or online games.

Sound cards allow for audio to be transmitted from computer data to any output device such as speakers or headphones. Soundcards typically have an input for a microphone device as well as a 3.5 jack output port for sound. Higher end cards have more inputs and outputs as well different technologies to facilitate for serious audiophiles.

Audio players (MP5) players are a great way to listen to music on the move. With the ability to store thousands of songs on one tiny device you never need to hear the same song twice! MP5 players also have built in video support allowing you to watch movies on the go.

We also stock a large range of low cost audio cables, perfect for hooking up almost all audio devices.

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