Xigmatek - High Efficiency Thermal Solutions

Combining the cream of product designers, R&D engineers and technical people (main team in Germany) Xigmatek are proud and full of confidence to offer excellent quality products and service to cover the customers requirements and demands.

Unlike many manufacturers, Xigmatek's passion to product outstanding thermal solutions passes over into their products. From high quality air coolers, Xigmatek's product range has expanded to include high performance computer cases such as the "Gard" series, winning numerous product achievement awards, as well as the brand new Xigmatek Elysium. The Elysium is Xigmateks advancement into the water cooling sector, with it already achieving a number of highly prestigious awards for outstanding cooling and design!

Not stopping there, Xigmatek also manufacture some of the finest, affordable and most efficient power supplies we have ever stocked. Ranging from 400 Watt upwards, these PSUs are perfect for every system from Office based computers right up to power hungry gaming systems.

While innovative products are great, Xigmatek go one step further, providing a robust build quality rarely seen to such calibre. So not only do Xigmatek products provide outstanding cooling (which makes your computer more effiicient!), they are also amazingly affordable and of great build quality which makes the brand one of 3000rpm's personal choices when it comes to computer builds!