Gadgets & Gizmos

All of the gizmos on this page are really more for fun than anything else. Why not let your hair down and your inner child out and indulge in something entertaining for once?

Whether you're looking to kick back and watch some media on your tele or looking to get outdoors and active with some remote control gadget, we stock it all.

Sky lanterns have become our biggest seller at the moment especially for big event such as weddings. Be sure to check out the videos to see what all the fuss is about!

Digital photo frames are an excellent way to show off all your favourite pictures to friend and family. The digital LCD screen creates the ability to how a slideshow of pictures instead of just the one, creating a never ending display!

Media players are becoming more and more popular due to the increased quality of both internet speeds and file quality. These players allow for files to be transferred directly to a hard drive or DVD player through USB, letting you play any media or audio file through your television. High definition media players are also available and storage sizes are becoming ridiculously large ensuring your never squeezed for space!

Remote control toys are great for any age, delivering hours of fun for all the family. What are you waiting for? Let out your inner child now!

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