Money Back Guarantee

While we do our best to show our items and describe them the best we can, there are some instances where you simply ordered the wrong item! No problem, simply submit a returns ticket to our support system within 30 days of purchase by clicking here and explain exactly what the problem is. It would also be handy to quote your order number so that our team can see exactly what you ordered and streamline the process.

Once the ticket has been received we will send email return details for the specific item so that you can send it back to us. To do this, simply follow instructions and return the item to us in its original packaging. Once our returns department has checked the item to make sure it is not damaged, we will issue a refund as soon as possible. If you paid through Paypal, your account will be credited. If a card was used for payment we can either refund straight back to your card which will take 3 - 5 day to appear on your statement or agree a paypal address to send the funds to.