DVD-R (Minus) Media

DVD-R (Minus) Media

DVD discs come in 2 formats, DVD-R & DVD+R.

Both when burned will do the same job but originally they were 2 different formats owned by different alliances of companies. Initially users had to buy a DVD+R dvd burner OR a DVD-R burner. In the last few years though all DVD burners accept both the DVD+R & DVD-R formats.

Only some standalone DVD recorders now only accept one format so be careful if buying and check the manual before purchasing.

In each of the formats there are different media types, these are ;

DVD Branded

Manufacturer branded surface discs perfect for writing with a pen.

DVD Printable
White/Silver surface disc's which can be printed to with a disc printer such as the Epson R200 / R285 / P50.

DVD Lightscribe
Using a lightscribe writer, these disc's can have an image etched onto the surface due to the media's special coating.

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