PC Systems & Bundles

Our range of desktop computer systems are hand built from scratch by our experienced technicians. Parts are selected straight from the shelf and built to order to ensure the best price available at all times.

A computer system is a built up tower unit with all the components required fitted together and ready to go. Simply install an operating system such as Microsoft Windows 7 and hook up a monitor and keyboard/mouse and away you go!

System come in a couple of different types;

3000rpm Systems - These systems are our what all our years in the business comes down to. Specifications tailored through experience for specific tasks and hand built to order, these systems create blistering performance at very competitive prices.

Overclocked System - These OC systems run the best hardware components available delivering the ultimate in processing and graphical power. While these systems will demolish almost every task due to their blistering speed, we thought they could be pushed even further!

We then push the systems to its limits by over clocking the processor, memory and graphics card but at the same time providing optimum performance by using top end cooling products.

The results of our custom-clocked system speak for themselves. Our years of experience has resulted in these monsters being faster than any other system on the market at the same price range.

If you have some knowhow we have upgrade bundles, creating a great way to breathe new life into an old computer. These bundles come with a processor, memory and motherboard which are all compatible allowing you to simply plug them in and away you go!

Barebone systems are also available. Think of these as part-baked systems. They are stand alone computer cases with a motherboard pre-fitted allowing for other components to simply be attached making life a little easier.

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