Trade Accounts
Find our prices competitive and looking for cheaper? Why not order your items in bulk and save even more money?!

Whether you are a business looking for a reliable supplier or simply someone who goes through a lot of consumables, buying in bulk is a great way to save even more money.

See below for more information on buying in bulk and setting up an account with 3000rpm.
I need a bulk order of this item, is the price displayed the best price available?
 While we price all our products very competitively if you are ordering in bulk we can offer a discounted price depending on the amount of stock purchased. Please submit a ticket by clicking here and we will reply with amended prices.
Do you deal with trade accounts?
 Yes we supply a number of trade accounts to various schools, universities and large companies thoughout Britian. If you are interested then please submit a ticket by clicking here and we will respond to your request.

Please note: A minimum of £200 per order is required to hold a Trade Account.
Can I purchase an item and pay later?
 We do not offer credit accounts at this time and all items must be paid before dispatch.
If I am buying in bulk how will you deliver?
 Depending on the weight of the items, it is possible to dispatch via Interlink Express. If the items are in excess of Interlinks handling limit then the order will have to be loaded onto pallets and charged per pallet rather than per kg. For more information please submit a ticket by clicking here.