AMD Processor (CPU) - FM1

The CPU is basically the brains of the computer as it processes all the number crunching of the data. The faster that the processor can process calculation, the faster the computer will run. Processors are measured by their clock speed and onboard cache with larger values being faster.

AMD processors come in a range of different "sockets". The socket refers to the area where the pins on the bottom of the processor plug into the motherboard. It is important to have matching socket types on the motherboard and processor otherwise they will not fit properly.

The FM1 socket was introduced to replace the AM3 and AM2+ sockets with support of AMDs new APU technology. Rather than a processor (CPU) only delivering the raw processing power with a dedicated graphics card required for visuals, the APU fuses both together allowing you to create a slimline PC system which can play games such as Dirt 3 or Call of Duty right off the chip!

AMD APU A4  X2 4020 3.2GHz - Socket FM2
3000rpm Price: 31.98
AMD APU A6-6400K Black Edition 3.90GHz - Socket FM 2
3000rpm Price: 42.98
AMD Athlon X4 860K Quad-Core 3.7GHz - Socket FM2+
3000rpm Price: 69.98
AMD A8-7650K Quad Core 3.30 GHz - Socket FM2+
3000rpm Price: 67.55

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