Acard 1 to 5 Bluray Disc Duplicator (ARS-5105B)

Acard 1 to 5 Bluray Disc Duplicator (ARS-5105B)

3000rpm Price: 669.67



This unit comes complete with 6 Sony Bluray Writers to allow you to easily duplicate data from 1 original disc to 5 blank discs. The device is also backwards compatible allowing you to create both CD and DVD media!

Usually to back up a lot of CD/DVDs, you have to boot a computer, and execute the job via burning software and of course you have to spend time learning how to operate and repeating every step, too. In view of this, Acard produced these standalone duplication systems to meet the demand. They are easy to operate, and can back up many discs at one time.

This device does not need a computer - it just uses its own LCD display so just switch on and burn! This unit comes ready for immediate use.

The Acard ARS-2053PA is a standalone copy controller supporting high speed SATA Blu-Ray/DVD/CD writers. With its Acard RISC engine, it doesn't need connecting to a computer and has a very shallow learning curve. By simply using the LCD and buttons on the front panel you can use the copy controller to back up data, audio or video Blu-Ray/DVD/CD quickly. Suitable for general office use.


  • Standalone SATA to SATA BD/DVD/CD copy controller
  • Independent fully native SATA channel data acceleration
  • Totally independent without installing Hardware or Software
  • Supports a built-in 3.5" or 2.5 SATA hard disk drive
  • Supports 16X speed in full burning
  • Backs up BD/DVD/CD in minutes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Shows messages on LCD
  • Firmware update by BD/DVD-ROM

ACARD 32-bit RISC with SATA SOC controller
16Kbyte data cache inside the SOC
High reliability of SDRAM for embedded system
8 SATA interface channel
2 X 16 Blue LCD screen
A membrane 6-buttons operation panel
512KB flash memory for copy code
Dimension: 150mm(W) 42mm(H) 145mm(D)

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