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An operating system is a program designed to run other programs on a computer. A computer's operating system is its most important program. It is considered the backbone of a computer, managing both software and hardware resources.

Operating systems are responsible for everything from the control and allocation of memory to recognizing input from external devices and transmitting output to computer displays. They also manage files on computer hard drives and control peripherals, like printers and scanners.

Microsoft is the worlds most popular operating system and is really easy to pick up and get right into. Everything you do is displayed in a graphical interface with windows and icon to make the experience more intuitive.

Windows 8 is the newest version available and after years of optimisation, can greatly increase computer performance. The new format of Microsoft Windows with large tiles and an intuative interface makes it easier than ever to pick up and use on everything from desktop PCs and laptops to touchscreen devices!

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Operating System
3000rpm Price: 84.98
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit Operating System
3000rpm Price: 121.98

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