Intel Processors (CPU) - 2011

The CPU is basically the brains of the computer as it processes all the number crunching of the data. The faster that the processor can process calculation, the faster the computer will run. Processors are measured by their clock speed and onboard cache with larger values being faster.

Intel processors come in a range of different "sockets". The socket refers to the area where the pins on the bottom of the processor plug into the motherboard. It is important to have matching socket types on the motherboard and processor otherwise they will not fit properly.

Core 2 Duo and older generation dual/quad core processors feature socket 775.
1st Generation Intel i3 and i5 processors featured the socket 1156 interface.
More commonly after 1st generation processors, the i3, i5 and i7 utilise the 1155 socket.
The 1366 socket was used to replace the 775 for high end processors such as the Intel i7 (Generation 1).
Many newer high end processors (Xeon, i7 and i7 Extreme) use the new socket 2011 connection.

Please check your motherboard manual first to ensure you purchase the correct type of CPU!

Intel Core i7 4820K Extreme - Quad Core (3.70GHz) - Socket 2011
3000rpm Price: 275.88

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