We stock a large range of mice from casual users right through to hardcore gamers and everybody inbetween.

Mice come in a three main variations;

Wired - These mice require you to plug a cord from the mouse into the computer.

Wireless - Allows for a greater freedom as the mouse operates without any wired. Instead a small receiver is plugged into the computer to pick up the wireless signal.

Laser - High precision mice with a laser light source which works on even the shiniest surface.

Sumvision L37 Optical Mouse Black USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 3.98
CiT M602U Ergonomic Optical Mouse Black USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 4.48
Sumvision Mini Ruby Mouse with Retractable Cable Black USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 4.48
Sumvision Ruby Mouse Black USB and PS/2 - Wired
3000rpm Price: 4.48
Cit M14 Optical Mouse Black USB/PS2 - Wired
3000rpm Price: 4.98
Sumvision Nemesis Zark Gaming Mouse 7 Buttons 2400 Dpi USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 4.98
Zalman ZM-M300 Gaming Mouse 7 Buttons 2500 Dpi USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 8.98
Sumvision The Neon LED Optical Gaming Mouse and Gaming Mouse Pad
3000rpm Price: 9.98
Sumvision Nemesis Kata LED Programmable Gaming Mouse
3000rpm Price: 12.98
Sumvision Panzer Gaming Mouse 7 Buttons Programmable USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 14.98
Zalman ZM-400 Gaming Mouse 6 Buttons 1600 Dpi USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 15.97
Gigabyte Force M7 Gaming Mouse 5 Buttons 3200 Dpi USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 17.98
Sumvision Keyboard - Mouse - Headset - Mat 4 in 1 Chaos Pack
3000rpm Price: 26.98
Thermaltake E-Sports Ventus Gaming Mouse 5700 Dpi USB - Wired
3000rpm Price: 32.98
Corsair Raptor M30 4000dpi Gaming Mouse - Wired
3000rpm Price: 33.98
Madcatz / Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 3 Gaming Mouse 3200dpi - Wired
3000rpm Price: 34.98
Lg Scanner Mouse Lsm-100 Realtime Smart Scan Usb 1200dpi Laser Mouse
3000rpm Price: 39.98
QPAD OM-75 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse White - Wired
3000rpm Price: 44.98
Razer Starcraft II Spectre 5600DPI Gaming Mouse
3000rpm Price: 49.98
Madcatz / Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Gaming Mouse 4000dpi - Wired
3000rpm Price: 53.98
Razer Deathadder Left Handed 3500dpi Gaming Mouse - Wired
3000rpm Price: 54.98
Razer Imperator 1012 Expert Gaming Mouse 6400Dpi 4G Sensor - Wired
3000rpm Price: 63.97
Madcatz / Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse 5600dpi - Wired
3000rpm Price: 74.98
Razer TRON 5600dpi Gaming Mouse
3000rpm Price: 89.98
Razer Tron 5600dpi Ambidextrous Precision Gaming Mouse and Pad Bundle - Wired
3000rpm Price: 99.98

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