Mouse Pads / Mats

While most mice now are optical rather than roller ball, the use of a mouse mat increases accuracy which is particularly useful for playing games or precision working.

Mouse mat are also a great solution where the surface is causing interference such as a high gloss table / worktop or a glass surface.

Anti Microbial Mouse Pad Blue
3000rpm Price: 2.48
Sumvision Nemesis Futurisic Neon Gaming Mouse Mat Large
3000rpm Price: 4.98
Razer Kabuto Mobile Gaming Pad Ultra Thin Surface Mat
3000rpm Price: 11.98
QPAD CT Pro Medium Gaming Mouse Mat White
3000rpm Price: 19.98
QPAD CT Pro Medium Gaming Mouse Mat Black
3000rpm Price: 21.98
Razer Megasoma Professional Gaming Mouse Mat - Mouse Pad
3000rpm Price: 29.98

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