Keyboards & Mice

If you're looking for both a keyboard and mouse then why not save time and money by getting a combo set? Combo sets come in both wired and wireless versions.

Wired simply means both the keyboard and mouse hook up to the computer with cables.
Wireless means one small receiver needs to be connected to the computer to transmit the wireless signal to the keyboard and mouse. These sets also reduce any interference problems caused when two wireless devices try to connect to two wireless receivers.

Sumvision Nemesis Stryder Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Wired
3000rpm Price: 9.98
Sumvision Paradox IV Keyboard & 1600dpi Mouse WHITE - Wireless
3000rpm Price: 10.98
Sumvision Paradox IV Keyboard & 1600dpi Mouse BLACK - Wireless
3000rpm Price: 10.98
CiT S003W Keyboard &  Mouse - Wireless
3000rpm Price: 14.98
Sumvision Nemesis Kane Pro LED Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo Bundle Set
3000rpm Price: 14.98
Thermaltake E-Sports Commander Keyboard and Mouse - Wired
3000rpm Price: 23.98
Sumvision Keyboard - Mouse - Headset - Mat 4 in 1 Chaos Pack
3000rpm Price: 26.98

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