Wired Networking - Powerline Homeplugs

Wired networking offers no hassle, hard wired connection between computers and devices such as routers to allow file sharing or access to the internet.

Homeplugs are a new technology allowing for the earth electrical cable from the mains power supply to become a makeshift Ethernet cable. This allows for a hard wired connection over a whole house without the need for hiding messy cables.

TP-LINK PA411KIT AV500 500 Mbps Powerline Adapter Starter Kit- Twin Pack
3000rpm Price: 29.98
Sumvision SVW1000Twin 1000Mbps Powerline Ethernet AV Homeplug Twin
3000rpm Price: 31.98
TP-Link TL-PA4030KIT 500Mbps Powerline Adapter with 3 Ports - Twin Pack
3000rpm Price: 43.98

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