Speaker Systems

Audio devices refer to devices and peripherals which allow for sound to be broadcast. We stock a range of different parts to ensure the best sound experience possible.

Speakers are essential for music lover and youtube surfers alike! With more and more monitors opting out of built-in speakers they have become a more important purchase than ever. Speakers are available in stand alone speakers (2.0), speakers with a subwoofer for that extra bass (2.1) as well as the ultimate surround sound movie speakers (5.1) with 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

USB powered, low voltage speakers are also available for those on the move.

Psyc Torre Xl Bluetooth Tower Speakers
3000rpm Price: 39.98
Sumvision Psyc Dynamic LED Bluetooth Speaker
3000rpm Price: 25.98
Sumvision Psyc Razor Portable Bluetooth Speaker
3000rpm Price: 15.98
Sumvision Psyc Ark Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Built in Mic AUX Micro SD
3000rpm Price: 9.98
Sumvision Psyc Jellybean Bluetooth Speaker / 3000mAH Charger Powerbank
3000rpm Price: 18.98
Sumvision Psyc Orbit Bluetooth Speaker with Radio Alarm Clock - SD & AUX Input
3000rpm Price: 17.98
Sumvision Psyc Mako Bluetooth Speaker for Tablet Phone with Stand
3000rpm Price: 19.98
Sumvision Psyc Atom Bluetooth Speaker 2200mah Powerbank FM Radio
3000rpm Price: 19.98
Sumvision N-Cube Pro-B 2.1 Stereo Speaker System with Bluetooth
3000rpm Price: 21.98
Sumvision Psyc Monic Premium Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
3000rpm Price: 34.98
Sumvision V-Cube-B 5.1 Remote Control Home Cinema Speaker System with Bluetooth
3000rpm Price: 39.98

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