Rechargeable Batteries

With a whole host of new products on the market aiming for a more portable, compact design, batteries become an important factor.

These packs of rechargeable batteries allow for endless life in all your favourite gadgets a they can be charged up over and over again. Rechargeables come either alone and require a charger or come pre-packed with a charger allowing you to plug them directly into the mains for charging.

Rechargeable batteries also come in a range of different "strengths" measured in mAh. Typically the larger the mAh the longer the battery can endure without being recharged. Batteries with a larger mAh are also ideal for devices which require more energy to function such as digital cameras.

Duracell Rechargeable D Batteries NiMH 2200mAh HR20 2 Pack
3000rpm Price: 7.24

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