CPU Thermal Silicone Compound Paste Grease 20 Grams

CPU Thermal Silicone Compound Paste Grease 20 Grams

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Thermal compound is necessary to create a reliable transfer of heat from your computer''s processor to its heatsink to keep your CPU from overheating. This thermal grease can be used on the rear side of the heatsink which has no thermal pad. It will improve the heat disipation of your processor.

The Pluscom thermal transfer compound improves the effectiveness of CPU coolers by thermally bonding the CPU to the heatsink. This ensures that the heatsink and fan can work at their full capacity to remove the harmful heat away from the CPU, and prevent burnout or heat damage.

Type: Silicone Fluid with 20% Metal Oxide
Thermal conductivity: >1.829 W/m-k
Thermal resistance: >0.123 C-in2/w
Dielectric Breakdown: >5.0 KV ac
Weight: 41g
Size: 6.5" x 1.5"(L*W)
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